Letter to the Editor

"F" Flag insults community

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Dear Editor:

Today there is a large flag flying in Mountain Home expressing extreme profanity towards President-Elect Biden and those who voted for him. It is sad to see political differences reduced to the “F” word and visible on a public street. The flag’s message is an insult, not only to Mr. Biden and his followers but to all of us. It is disrespectful to the Office of the President, to the millions of Americans who weathered a pandemic to exercise their right to vote, and to the whole concept of a democracy where leaders are chosen by, and answerable to, the people. I have lived in Mountain Home through several election cycles, and I have never before seen a political message as hateful as this. Ironically, it is flying at a time when leaders across the country are asking us to bridge our divides, not blow bigger craters between us! Finally, the flag is beneath the dignity of this community. Mountain Home is generally a place where we value diversity. We can have our own ideas, share them, and listen to one another. We will sometimes disagree with our neighbors, and sometimes we will even be outvoted, but we can still always be respectful. Please, do not let hateful profane messaging become “acceptable.”

Leslie Goddard

Mountain Home, Idaho