Mountain Home City Council votes not to apply for Governorís proposed Tax Relief Plan

Wednesday, July 29, 2020
Bryce Villalobos received a Citizenship Award from Chief of Police Scott Connor for going above and beyond to help a dementia patient.

The Mountain Home City Council met on July 13, 2020 for a regularly scheduled meeting.

The beginning of the meeting started with Mountain Home Police Chief Scott Connor awarding an Outstanding Citizenship Award to Bryce Villalobos for his help with a dementia patient who had wandered away from a local care facility on his day off.

At the beginning of the meeting the Council heard from two citizens expressing concerns with the city.

Raymond Bartausky, owner of the Stockyard, spoke to the council about the road closure in front of his bar at S. 2nd E and how it was impacting his business. After hearing his issues it was agreed that the road closure sign would be moved to stop any more confusion on whether the street could be used for parking at the area establishments.

Bud Adams, who formally installed internet in the area, spoke about his concerns with the city getting into the fiber optic business stating that he felt it would be a bad idea financially with the city. One of his reasons was because of the rate at which new technology comes out. He also brought up the fact that a lot of internet companies he has spoken to are hesitant to rent fiber from a city and there is also the concern of the cost of installment for residents. Adams ended by saying that there was a lot more information then he could get into his three minutes of allotted speaking time, but informed the Council they could feel free to call him with any questions.

A decision on a recommendation from the Traffic Safety Committee to change the corners where stop signs currently sit near Fire Station One was tabled after there was confusion on where exactly the committee was suggesting they should be located.

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