Meeting held on Phase II of Downtown Revitalization

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

There was a good turnout at the City's Town Hall meeting on Tuesday, January 28. The meeting began with an introduction of the general contractor, Anthony Guho, and finished with a question/answer session with Courtney Lewis, Executive Director of Economic Development.

Lewis prefaced Guho's presentation with the fact the city is in the pre-construction phase and expects to develop a budget and timeline in collaboration with Guho Corp General Contractors for the project by the end of February.

Guho, who completed the first phase of construction on Main Street, ran a powerpoint presentation as he introduced the work of the company, which, includes downtown Boise at 6th and Main - and described each step of the phase II street improvements.

The scope of the project will include the left-hand-side, (West-side)of north 2nd east (from Jackson to 5th) and will include all of the same elements as Phase I including: new curb, gutters, sidewalks, landscaping, drains, and street lights.

The construction process starts with design and involves public meetings to see if there are any issues for business access and create lines of communication.

Once the design is finalized, the Idaho Department of Transportation (ITD) will approve the plan, since it's one of their roads and needs to meet their standards.

As a general timeline, the city intends to begin construction in a couple of months and has a goal to finish by the first week of September in time for Air Force Appreciation Day.

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