ECSO receives grant and jumps years into the future technologically

Friday, January 17, 2020
In each patrol car, the deputies are set up with either a tablet or a computer, beside that is the e-ticket system with the gray wand having the ability to scan the barcode on a driver’s license The ticket is printed from the black device below it.

The Elmore County Sheriff’s Office recently received a grant that will help move the county’s law enforcement agency “into the future.”

About a year ago the Sheriff’s Office was notified of a grant that they qualified for through the Idaho Transportation Department to help upgrade equipment. Originally the plan was to ask for $30,000 to help the agency purchase computers that would help them connect to S.W.E.T. (State Wide E-ticketing), giving the officer real time information with the computers or tablets that they are currently being equipped with. This allows the officer to scan the barcode on the back of driver’s license and input the infraction before printing a ticket for the individual being cited. They also have the ability to download the information to the Sheriff’s Office and to the Courthouse automatically when the vehicle is driven within a mile of the buildings (at that distance the deputies information begins downloading right around exit 95 to ECSO).

By scanning the barcode the officer is also able to see the driver’s history including, the number of times they’ve been given a warning or ticketed for the same infraction, helping to lessen the burden on dispatch.

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