MHHS sends representatives to Skills USA Idaho Competition

Saturday, April 13, 2019
Left to Right- Jason Landeros, Zachary Kollat, Andrue LeVrier, Lynn Knudson (Advisor), and Adam Clifford

The Mountain Home High School automotive program sent four representatives to the 2019 Skills USA Idaho State Leadership and Skills conference. This competition was held in Nampa, April 4-5.

Competing for Mountain Home were Andrue LeVrier, Adam Clifford, Zach Kollat and Jason Landeros.

Andrue LeVrier competed in job skills demonstration. His demonstration was replacement of duo-servo drum brake shoes, disassembly and assembly. Andrue spent many hours perfecting this demonstration and was able to perform it backwards so the judges could view it without any interference, while explaining the procedure at the same time!

Andrue took home the Silver medal for his performance.

Andrue said, “Skills USA has taught me so much from leadership skills to individual skills, I have been able to greatly improve and develop my speaking and presentation skills. I wouldn’t do well in a job interview without Skills, I wouldn’t be as refined of a worker/learner as I am now.”

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