County Commissioners meet with Elected Officials

Friday, April 12, 2019

On April 5th the County Commissioners met with elected officials of the county and discussed several different topics.

Sheriff Mike Hollingshead and the Commissioners discussed medical services at the Elmore County Jail. Chairman Bud Corbus brought up possibly using the Elmore Ambulance Service Paramedics to assist in calls at the jail. This would be after the county takes back the ambulance service from St. Luke’s in October. Currently when the nurse for the jail gets a call back for an inmate its a $250 charge. If the county is able to integrate using EAS Paramedics when possible it would save the county money. This integration will be discussed further at a later meeting.

Amber Sloan, Treasurer, Tax Collector and Public Administrator updated the Commissioners on the Tax Deed Auction process for this year. Amber Sloan and Shelly Essel, County Clerk, suggested doing the Tax Deed auction on the Courthouse steps. For the full story, pick up a copy of the Mountain Home News or click on this link to subscribe to the newspaper's online edition.

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