Letter to the Editor

Reader appreciates care received at St. Luke’s

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Dear Editor ,

This letter is to thank our Mountain Home St. Luke's Elmore Hospital for saving my life. I went to the emergency room on Sunday, 1/13/19, with what I thought was bronchitis. They checked me out, and the X-ray showed I had pneumonia.

The Emergency Room staff started treatment, and the next day (Monday), I was taking a nap when I apparently went into a "Does Not Respond" (DNR) mode. They could not wake me up, and an X-ray showed that my lungs were completely full of fluids. They brought me back to consciousness, and treated me for the increased pneumonia infection. If I had been at home when this happened, I would have died.

I cannot say how much I deeply appreciate the entire staff at St. Luke's Elmore - doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, technicians, physical therapist, case manager - everyone there is highly professional, courteous, friendly, and concerned.

I spent nearly two weeks in the hospital.. They arranged a sleep study at St. Luke's Meridian, and that showed I had sleep apnea and too-shallow nighttime breathing. St. Luke's Elmore arranged for a "BiPAP" machine to enable me to sleep safely, and their excellent treatment healed my pneumonia and has set me on the road to recovery.

All I can say is "Thank you, thank you, thank you St. Luke's Elmore folks, and God bless you, for saving my life". We are indeed blessed to have such an excellent hospital, and such skilled staff, here in Mountain Home.

Peter Humm