County Planning and Zoning holds hearing on gravel pit in Oasis

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The Elmore County Planning and Zoning Board met for a public hearing to get input on the Conditional Use Permit request from Jonathan Dodge of Dodge Boys Excavation for a sand and gravel pit.

Dodge was first at the podium and spoke to why he was requesting the CUP. He is requesting to start a gravel pit in the Oasis area. Dodge said that many people have been concerned with the dust, trucks and noise. He added that there are laws he has to abide by when it comes to dust, all of his trucks are licensed, and he won’t be at the pit crushing gravel all of the time, but he understands why that would be a worry. He does have a current gravel pit on Canyon Creek Road and said he has never had any complaints to his knowledge about noise and he has been running the pit since 1992.

Three people stepped to the podium to back Dodge’s request for the CUP.

Mr. Moore said he is a rancher who is favor of the request. He went on to stay that Dodge follows the rules and employs locals and he sees the gravel pit as a good idea.

Mike Grimmett is a local rancher who has known the Dodge family all of his life and said they are very good upstanding people. He informed the room that during the Pony Creek fire, Dodge was 700 miles away and at his own expense brought his team to save housing. He went on to say with the expectations and standards gravel pits are held too, they can’t mess up. He requested they approve the application.

James Steelsmith lives less then a mile from Dodge’s pit. He said he sees more dust from mother nature then the five pits that surround area he lives. He says he can even hear railroad cars and airplanes when the wind is just right. Steelsmith said if Dodge follows his CUP it is a good operation for the community and more jobs will be made available. He supports Dodge and hopes the community supports this.

20 people from the Oasis community spoke to why they are against the CUP.

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