Letter to the Editor

Reader shares thoughts on “Free Range Parenting”

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Dear Editor,

Allow me to respond to the Editor's Notebook from Dec. 19, 2018.

First of all, I am a Constitutionalist. All Americans should be in debted to our Forefathers who had the courage to put "on the books" our rights. The First and Second Amendments are my two favorites. There's a reason first right is first, and second right is second. Allow me to clarify the First Amendment Rights. Yes, we have the right to our opinion. However, we should not practice "Defamation of Character." Any person or business can sue the guilty parties in a civil lawsuit providing one can prove such in a court of law.

I too, support PBS. It's very educational.

Kudos to the state of Utah for being the first in the nation to pass the Free Range Parenting Law-FRPL.

When Idaho passes FRPL, it will be clearly defined. This will be "cost effective" to all the taxpayers. Think about that. It frees up all our first responders, social workers, mental health counselors etc.

You teach by example. Form a "Neighborhood watch." Warning signs will be installed. Citizens have the right to 'open carry.'

So if we "teach by example," lets have the state of Idaho become number two in the nation for a Free Range Parenting Law.

There you have it; my opinion as you asked for. Thank you for a well written letter and God Bless our hard working moms and dads and most especially our children!

Ms. Rhonda Lynne O'Hanley