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Reader calls out girls basketball program

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Dear Editor,

It seems that through the last decade of inclusion, acceptance and all the other politically correct hyperbole the public schools have been inundating our children with, the adults still have not gotten the message that this should include them as well. It seems that the same old favoritism and exclusion tactics, in this specific situation being school sports, is still very much practiced and endorsed. I am specifically calling out 8th grade girls basketball in this tirade. I have lived through this demeaning process with the same outcome for many years now with my own kids. Through middle school, Jr. high and high school, both my kids were denied an opportunity on many occasions as we are not Mormon, we do not own a business in town and we do not have a prominent last name. Now a friend's child is facing the same harsh reality that she will not be awarded an opportunity as the coaching staff would much rather play two teams, A team with more advanced skilled girls and B team... those that need to learn or become more proficient, with many of the same girls. Effectively eliminating positions for anyone not on the social pecking order. If there were not enough girls to try out for the team, sure fill the roster. But to turn away passionate and dedicated girls and deny them an opportunity so they can fill both teams with the same group of girls is just wrong. But this is Mountain Home Idaho, I should not be surprised. It happened forever and will likely continue. But they should be ashamed to purport to be "for the kids" then do them such an injustice. I am not alone in these feelings of disappointment and frustration. Many other parents, other coaches, and a few of the kids that were selected all call this as it is... unacceptable.

Olaf Y Swanson

Mountain Home Idaho

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