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Good for Marla

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Dear Editor,

I'm also a business owner on 2nd Street in downtown. Most of the small businesses are hanging on by a thread, to keep our businesses and our buildings occupied. I've been in business since 1984. We are retired military and decided to continue to stay in Mountain Home to raise our four children, because of the friendly atmosphere.

If the "city fathers" haven't realized: the Mountain Home residents are not coming downtown in the evenings to have a lemonade-especially to sit in the 100 to 102 degree heat in summer months.

Where do they go? Fishing, camping or to soccer, football or baseball games. What else.

Unless Mountain Home becomes an entertainment community be prepared to see some empty buildings on 2nd Street, businesses will be moving, which means one more reason to go to Boise, not to mention, the parking places we are losing. If you think people are going to park four to five blocks away and walk around downtown think again. Boise is still only 40 miles away and there are parking places and garages, movie theatres, restaurants, entertainment of all kinds, gas stations, professional sports teams and every retail store you'd want.

Be aware it will happen and who's to blame?

Bev Lucia

The Gingerbread House(owner)

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