This month in history: The Horse Queen of Idaho

Friday, June 8, 2018
Kittie Wilkins was one of the premier horse traders at the turn of the twentieth century and her horses were coveted by militaries around the world. An amazing feat since it is believed that she was also one of the only women in the business at the time.

One of the most famous women of the west during the turn of the 20th century was Kittie Wilkins. Wilkins was a horse breeder and trader who made her fortune right here in the communities of Glenns Ferry, Bruneau and Mountain Home. It is believed that she may have been the only female working in the industry at the time and she was very good at it .

It is said she got her start with two $20 gold pieces that had been given to her as a small child. When her father was building the family horse business he saw a filly he really wanted and used Kittie's gold pieces to buy the horse. For the full story, pick up a copy of the Mountain Home News or click on this link to subscribe to the newspaper's online edition.

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