Naive but not discouraged: Another one...really?

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

What was once anticipated became a reality.

As expected, a partial government shutdown - what became the shortest in history since the 1970s - took place less than a month after a three-day shutdown earlier this year. What was not expected, though, was it taking place in the middle of the night!

As much as I wanted to become a Senator when I was in high school, I do not envy those dealing with this mess during the middle of the night.

After passing a resolution to keep the federal government running as budget debates continued, money ran out as of midnight on Feb. 8 while the Senate was planning to pass a bipartisan budget deal, but was interrupted when Senator Rand Paul, a Kentucky Republican, temporarily blocked the vote, emphasis on temporarily.

While Senator Paul had a right to object, voicing his views on the bill didn't stop it all together.

The $400 billion budget passed through the Senate and swiftly went through the House, landing on President Donald Trump's desk after a 240-186 vote from the representatives.

President Trump signed the bill in the early hours, tweeting about the bill's passage at 6:39 a.m. Friday morning.

It looks like this budget crisis may be over.

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