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July 26 issue: Misprints addressed

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Dear editor,

This letter is concerning some misinformation that was published in the 26 July issue of the Mountain Home News on the recall efforts on the WECRD board members.

It was stated that the Daniel Dopps rodeo committee asked the district for an additional $40,000 for improvements at the Optimist park arena.

That is a true statement, but it was not published that the board turned down our request for funding.

It was also mentioned that the funding of the announcers' stand at the arena was an illegal expenditure.

Once again, that is not a true statement as prior to funding this project, the request was submitted to the Idaho Attorney general for an opinion as to the legality of this expenditure. The attorney general approved this as an official recreational activity expenditure.

I truly understand the concerns many taxpayers have on how their monies are spent. I, too, pay taxes and share many of the same concerns.

All I ask of the folks who think that supporting other groups other than the recreation center/swimming pool coalition, get your facts straight. Know what you are talking about before spreading unfounded rumors.

I also ask that the reporters state all the facts concerning these hot topics. We can coexist and we can compromise on some of these issues.

Recreation opportunities should be for all; not just a select few.

Michael Pope, Mountain Home

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