Drivers need to heed police

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

During an accident last week, Officer Natalie Rogers with the Mountain Home Police Department was standing in the middle of an intersection diverting traffic. A number of times while she was in the middle of the road, there were drivers who seemed to think they were smarter than everyone else and blew right past her.

Some came close to hitting her while other drivers just clearly had no respect for the job she was doing.

In case you didn't know, she wasn't standing there for her health. Not only was there a dangerous accident down the road, but there were live power lines in the road that could have killed the drivers of the two vehicles involved in the accident.

In addition, there was oil in the roadway, adding to the danger of an electrical fire and multiple members of rescue agencies in the roadway.

She and other officers were there to keep people safe while some drivers endangered themselves and the lives of everyone around them by ignoring the directions of a police officer. Whatever it was that caused these drivers to ignore public safety couldn't have been that important, especially if it was just to get somewhere to do some non-critical errands.

I'm a firm believer in karma, meaning that it will come back to bite these people when they least expect it. I hope these drivers remember that moment when it does because they need to learn from their poor choices and be better drivers.

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