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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

This is a simple story that became huge for my husband, Larry and I. The two of us went to have dinner out Friday evening wanting some Mexican food at a restaurant that had recently opened in a new location.

We sat next to a young couple with a little, five month old baby boy in a carrier. He was fussy and wanted out of his bucket.

The parents apologized for the noise, and Larry and I both told them to not worry about it. With 16 grand kids and a great grand baby girl just a month older, we "get it" when it comes to fussy children.

Once out of his carrier, we could see he was happy, but being such a little guy, he needed someone to hold him. His parents' dinner arrived right at this point, and Dad held onto him so Mom could eat.

Dad tried to eat with his son in his arms, which parents know is easier said than done. I asked if the youngster was OK being with strangers, and his mother said he loved everyone.

I then asked if I could hold him so Mom and Dad could enjoy their dinner while my husband and I waited for ours. For a few minutes, I got in some "surrogate grandma" time in with the little man while his parents ate and allowed the adults a chance to chat.

Their child was a happy little butterball, and I got an "ammie fix." Bonus! A few minutes later, his parents finished their meal, we said our goodbyes and they left.

Larry and I finished up a bit later and asked for our ticket. That's when we learned that those kids those kind parents picked up our dinner ticket.

I was ready to cry when Larry told me what our waiter had told him. I was so surprised and awestruck at their gratitude and kindness for our simple gesture to give them a few minutes break. I cannot thank them enough for their generous heart, and you can be sure we will "pay it forward." We will pick a young couple with a munchkin in a bucket and pick up their dinner in their honor.

This absolutely lifted my heart after a long week. I do know the mom's name, but we don't want the kids to feel stalked by old people. I hope others in this community will see this story and share it with others so these parents will see our gratitude for their kind deed.

I extend my blessings to this young family as their family grows. The parents of this couple should be very proud of the young adults they raised and sent out into this world.

Before they left the restaurant that evening, Larry and I told both parents that we worked at the paper. If they get a chance, I hope they could stop sometime to visit.

It's uplifting for us, and it's people like this that represent positive examples of our next generation.

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