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Story on recall misleading

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Dear editor,

I am writing a response to the false information that Betty Ashcraft has put in a public newspaper (May 3 Mountain Home News). At no time has the Western Elmore County Recreation District bought or been asked to buy my organization, Northern Rockies SAAA (Scottish American Athletic Association), a food truck.

We do not own a food truck. We never have and never will. The only trailer we have is our equipment trailer, and it's older than most high school kids, and we have owned it for over eight years.

Our organization puts on a free to the public event here in Mountain Home. This year, it will again be in Carl Miller Park on Oct. 21 and 22.

If you would like to know what all they did purchase, as they never just gave us money, then go by their office they have all the invoices and what was paid for. The items that were paid for will again be used this year at the event.

We want to keep this event alive and well for our community as our event is a multicultural event not just a Highland Games. We even offer free childrenís games, where they can learn about the events and they get a free shirt and lunch.

Also every year, we allow other non-profit local groups to put booths up for no cost and they keep all their money we get none. These events are not cheap or free to put together, and where we donít charge a gate fee. We need sponsors to help keep it going.

Again, she got her information from a man claiming he talked to me or someone at a festival somewhere (as Iíve been told two different stories) that we got our food truck thanks to the WECRD.

I will state the real facts again: We do not own a food truck nor do we ever plan on it. We host a community event for everyone.

If you have any questions for me, find me on Facebook under Polly Pierce Saulls, I will be happy to answer your questions.


ó Polly Mae Saulls, Northern Rockies SAAA event coordinator

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