Unleashing the 'carnage'

Thursday, March 30, 2017
Two-time state wrestling champion Pierce Mederio puts the pinch on Mike Campbell during the opening bouts at this year's Carnage on the Courts event.

The wizards of the hardwood and masters of the mat met last week at Mountain Home High School for an evening of friendly competition.

This year's Carnage on the Courts on March 22 in Lloyd Schiller Gymnasium pitted the high school's basketball and wrestling teams during a pair of competitions aimed at highlighting their athletic specialities.

Members from both teams didn't hold back much on indicating which one would walk away as the winners that evening.

Mountain Home High School's basketball team whittled away a 59-point deficit over the span of four quarters of play in Lloyd Schiller Gymnasium to edge the wrestling team as the fundraiser came to a close. Proceeds from the event will benefit this year's senior celebration.

"I'm very confident that the basketball team will come out on top," said TJ Cothran, who admitted that his team would likely struggle during the opening wrestling matches before demonstrating their prowess at the hoop.

Kanoa Doronio, who finished second in the 126-pound division at this year's state wrestling championships, didn't hold back on who was going to win.

"We're gonna beat 'em. We're gonna whop 'em," Doronio said.

Dozens of parents, families, members of the high school faculty and fellow students gathered in the bleachers as the carnage began.

Mike Campbell drew the opening match against two-time state wrestling champion Pierce Mederios, who set a school record for the most number wins during his four years with the Tigers. In the first of several lopsided battles, Campbell ended up falling by pin just seconds into the match.

The basketball team managed to etch out just eight points during the opening battles with the wrestlers off momentary breakaways and escapes. After seven matches, the wrestlers had made short work of their opponent to take a 59-point lead as the evening's action moved to the hardwood.

Outside shooting by Marcus Egusquiza gave the basketball team a jump start in the opening quarter and started to chip away at the scoring deficit. After one quarter, the basketball team trailed, 46-74, but had narrowed the gap to five points at halftime.

The second half turned into a scoring rally with as the basketball Tigers turned the tide against their wrestling counterparts. Undeterred, the wrestling squad kept the deficit close as they came up short, 106-111, at the final buzzer.

Carnage on the Courts was one in a series of fundraisers to support this year's senior celebration. Since its debut in 1984, the senior celebration offers what event organizers call an alcohol-free, drug-free, safe, sane and fun event for this year's graduating class.

The group's next major event is scheduled for April 12 when the parents of this year's graduating class host a student talent show in Lloyd Schiller Gymnasium. The spirit of friendly competition resumes April 21 during a community dodgeball tournament at the high school.

The senior celebration is scheduled for the evening of May 26 shortly after this year's commencement ceremony. It will be a fun-filled night with games, casino, gifts food and lots of memories, according to senior celebration representative Shannon Reed.

Senior celebration organizers continue to invite parents and others in the community to join their planning committee.

For more information on the senior celebration, contact Reed at 891-5751 or via e-mail at seniorcelebration2017tigers@gmail.com. Details of upcoming fundraisers are also available on the group's Facebook page at "MHHS Class of 2017 Parents."

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