Letter to the Editor

Narcotics a danger to society

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Dear editor,

I just finished Mountain Home High School's Health Class. The teacher is pretty good at doing what she does.

I've learned how drugs, tobacco and alcohol are ruining people's lives. Take marijuana for example. It has all the same deadly chemicals that a cigarette has; just more concentrated. One also doesn't fully know what is in marijuana. It could be laced with other drugs like heroin.

Of all drugs that are illegal, meth is the worst. It causes such a high that it reduces the amount of dopamine, the reward chemical, inside your brain. It also causes hallucinations, reduces body size, hair loss and teeth rot. It is like a combination of drugs.

I've also learned how many people in Mountain Home have lost friends and family members to depression, anger, hate and loneliness because of drugs. It made me upset that so many people do stupid things to themselves and others just because of drugs.

I just hope everyone in the world can learn to stay happy without using drugs. One little smile can make a difference to someone. Just asking "how are you doing" can make turn one into a best friend. Sincerely,

-- CJ Mortensen, Mountain Home