Letter to the Editor

Hold vandals responsible

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Dear editor,

I completely agree with last week's editorial (One memorable moment ruined by a senseless act, June 1 Mountain Home News) regarding the mindless vandalism at two of our local elementary schools. This crime both shocked and saddened our community. This violent act disrespected every taxpayer and citizen in Mountain Home.

We are simply heart-broken, stunned and outraged by this violation of law and human decency. Our community has been attacked by this costly has been attacked by this costly anti-social criminal behavior.

Let's make this a teachable moment. Educate and hold these cowardly criminals accountable for their actions. THEY need to clean up their mess!

Choosing to destroy property is exactly that-- a choice. Send the message loud and clear that Mountain Home will not tolerate this lack of respect and these kinds of choices from anyone.

There are many great people doing wonderful things here in Mountain Home. It's our HOME.

Gratitude and respect go especially to the MHPD for their community focused service. Keep up your good work!

-- Edna Lacey, Mountain Home