Tennis squad falls during loses to Middleton, Skyview

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Mountain Home High School's Tiger tennis team found the competition tough as they battled students from Middleton and Skyview last week.

Mountain Home boys 0,

Middleton boys 7

Mountain Home girls 0,

Middleton girls 7

The Tigers faced a tough road trip April 12 as they faced the Vikings.

During the day's singles matches, Nathan Gibbons lost a close match, 5-7, 3-6, while Miguel Pelletier lost, 1-6, 2-6. Meanwhile, Brandon Hultenius went down, 0-6, 1-6.

In boys' doubles, Abram Martin and Jean Gilliland lost, 1-6, 1-6, while Abrahan Salas and David Parrett went down, 3-6, 1-6.

In mix doubles, Alex Buccholz and Simone Aguero lost, 0-6, 0-6, with the second position defaulted due to player availability.

In girls' singles, Rebecca Martin lost, 0-6, 0-6, and Cass McLean fell, 1-6, 1-6, while Caitlyn Whitfield went down, 0-6, 1-6. In girls' doubles, Mady McCurdy and Emily Hensley were blanked, 0-6, 0-6, while Cassie Dearing and Anyssa Garza went down, 1-6, 0-6.

Mountain Home boys 1,

Skyview boys 6

Mountain Home girls 0,

Skyview girls 7

Tiger Tennis battled the Hawks tough on Thursday, but were only able to get one individual win.

In boys' singles action, Miguel Pelletier whipped his opponent, 6-2, 6-0. Nathan Gibbons lost, 1-6, 5-7, while third Alex Buchholz fell, 3-6, 2-6.

In boys doubles, Jean Gilliand and Abrahan Salas lost, 1-6, 0-6. The Tigers defaulted the second position match due to player availability.

In mix doubles, Brandon Hultenius and Krystalynn Raab lost, 1-6, 0-6, with the Tigers defaulting the second mix position.

In girls' singles play, Rebecca Martin was blanked, 0-6, 0-6, while Caitlyn Whitfield, lost 1-6, 0-6. Simone Aguero went down, 0-6, 0-6.

In girls' doubles, Nisa Phelps and Cass McLean, lost 0-6, 1-6, while Emily Hensley and Mady McCurdy lost, 0-6, 2-6.

The second half of the season began Tuesday with an away match at Bishop Kelley. The Mountain Home tennis team hosts the Skyview Hawks at 2 p.m. Thursday, April 21, at the city tennis courts at Richard Aguirre Park.

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