'Jury duty' scam targeting local residents

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Mountain Home Police Department and Elmore County Sheriff's Office are warning residents about a telephone scam targeting individuals in the local area.

The police department and sheriff's department received multiple calls Wednesday regarding a jury duty phone scam.

According to Chief Deputy Mike Barclay from the sheriff's department, the male caller contacts people saying they failed to report for jury duty. He then gets aggressive with the intended victim, demanding they turn over their personal information and to make a payment to clear the alleged jury duty obligation.

The caller tells the citizen they need to pay up to $500 dollars by filling out a vanilla reload card at the Mountain Home Wal-Mart. The intended victim is then instructed to call back with the card details.

If the person doesn't comply, the caller threatens to issue a warrant and have them arrested, Barclay said.

The caller is using credible information with regards to the names of local law enforcement officials and district judges, Barclay added. In fact, the caller is identifying himself as the county's chief deputy.

"The Mountain Home Police and Elmore County Sheriff's Office are advising the public not to provide any information or respond to the calls," Barclay said. "We advise you to just hang up if you receive a call."

Those who fell victim to the scam and provided money to the caller are asked to contact the Elmore County dispatch office so an officer or a deputy can respond and take a report.

"Law enforcement agencies in Elmore County will not call you for payment on a warrant or offer to settle a debt by phone or have you put money on a card for payment," Barclay emphasized.

Law enforcement officers are continuing to investigate this scam.

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