Strike Dam bridge closed for repairs

Friday, April 18, 2014

Idaho Power's wooden bridge below C.J. Strike Dam will close from Monday to July 31 for renovations.

With the wooden deck being replaced with concrete slabs, the closure will require Idaho Power employees and contractors as well as the public to plan an alternate route when traveling between the north and south sides of the reservoir.

The bridge crosses the Snake River just west of the reservoir between Idaho Power's North Park and Scout and Locust parks near the dam. All of Idaho Power's parks in the area will remain open, but the boat ramp adjacent to the bridge will remain closed during the project.

The bridge is on Strike Dam Cutoff Road, which connects Idaho Highway 167 (Grand View Road) on the north to Black Sands Road and River Road on the south. Alternate routes include continuing west on Grand View Road, which crosses the river to the west at Highway 51, which crosses the river to the east several miles north of Bruneau.

"Idaho Power recognizes that this closure will be an inconvenience for those who live in the area, and for campers, anglers and others taking advantage of our parks and the wide range of recreational opportunities in the area," said Doug Thurman, generation specialist at C.J. Strike Dam. "These repairs are necessary for the safety and longevity of the bridge. Hopefully providing advance notice will allow people to plan alternative routes."

Signs are being posted on area roads to alert drivers of the closure.

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