Letter to the Editor

President has been exceptionally poor

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Dear editor:

Racism is contagious. Even Obama is using it now to alibi his failed presidency, and here's a guy who got elected TWICE by a "racist America." To oppose someone because of skin color is most definitely bigoted, but to elect someone for the same reason?

Barack Obama was elected to make a statement. To this day, nobody has ever been able to tell me how this guy (with 129 "present" votes), is somehow qualified to lead this country.

"Being the first" is fine, but you still need to have SOMETHING on your "resume."

Hillary, if successful, would also be the "first," but when all you've ever really done is be the First Lady, is that really enough to be president?

As a former governor, Sarah Palin ran an entire state, and Herman Cain's prowess as a two-time successful CEO would have brought a level of economic experience and competence to the White House that THIS administration could never grasp. THERE were your two "firsts," and both had extensive accomplishments. Both have spines and are positive thinkers. I mean, if you're gonna vote strictly on race or gender, at least THOSE two had qualifications to back them up.

Remember Hillary pot-shooting Obama in their 2008 primary fight about that "3 o'clock" in the morning phone call? We all knew where Obama was, getting ready to fly to Las Vegas for his next fundraiser, which he did.

This guy doesn't care about our troops unless there's a photo-op to be had. The fundraiser was more important because its all about HIM.

But where was SHE? Where was little miss "three in the morning?" Oh well, what does it matter, eh?

It really doesn't matter too much I suppose, because just being a woman will be "enough" for most voters to make yet another fashion statement, even though our debt will be around $20 trillion by then.

And to this day, from Fast 'n Furious to Benghazi, IRS and a dozen other scandals, NOBODY in this administration has been held accountable for anything. NOBODY.

Subsidies for farms and oil companies seem to concern some, but now that Obama is giving subsidies to insurance companies to shore up Obamacare, all has gotten quiet.

The main difference is that people want food, and people want gasoline, but the majority of the country does NOT want the government running their healthcare, and it's their tax dollars paying for it. Those who think "single payee" is a wonderful concept, are often the same people who hate Wal-Mart for trying to be a monopoly where you have to buy from THEM because they're the only game in town, so now you had nowhere else to go.

Give that considerable thought before you just buy into this "single-payee" business. Its called "control."

Speaking of control, if this letter is printed, it'll probably appear the day after Obama's State of the Union address, where, disregarding Congress yet again, Obama will tell us how all of these new proposed anti-gun schemes are going to keep assault weapons out of the hands of the bad guys, even as his own gun-running attorney general continues to backstab America, while his 2,000+ assault weapons continue to kill innocent citizens in Mexico. But its really the fault of "all these gunshows."

You understand how all of that works, right? Me neither.

I'm not among the brainwashed and indoctrinated though, so unfortunately I DO know what's really going on in this country, and now must admit that I've been wrong about this president. I used to say he was a lieutenant trying to run a fighter wing, and that he doesn't know what he's doing.

I now believe that he DOES, with communists like George Soros pulling the strings.

I'd sure like to be wrong about that, but I don't think so.

-- Mike Bradbury