Most mountain fires nearly out

Thursday, September 12, 2013
The fires may be close to being out, but falling trees and other debris can still make driving in the mountains dangerous. Those heading into the forests are being urged to watch closely for debris on the road and to observe areas still closed to traffic.

The Kelley Fire is now 97 percent contained after having burned 17,346 acres. Although the fire burned much of the area around the popular Baumgartner Campground, both the campground area itself and the hot springs were untouched.

The fire is all south of the river there, although it did spot over the road just east of Baumgartner into Jumbo Creek.

The Little Queens Fire has been turned away from Atlanta and is now burning in rugged and rocky terrain north of that mountain community. It is 20 percent contained after burning 26,500 acres, but is no longer considered a threat to Atlanta.

The rain that fell this week which has limited fire activity. As rains occur, however, fire managers are watching closely for signs of sediment build-up or rock fall on the Middle Fork Boise River Road. No issues have been noted yet. The road remains open and in good condition.

A reduced closure order is in effect in the vicinity of the fire.

Both the Pony Complex (149,348 acres) and Elk Complex (131,258 acres) fires are essentially out, although there still are some spot areas burning. That fire burned all the way to the parking lot below the Trinity lookout but none of the campgrounds in the area were damaged.

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