Letter to the Editor

Streetwalkers say thanks

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dear editor:

On behalf of the Mountain Home Fire Department "Streetwalkers," I would like to thank each and every one of you, individuals and businesses alike, who donated so generously to the annual Fourth of July fireworks.

We are always overwhelmed each year how this community comes together to make our fireworks such a success.

Once again, we exceeded our expectations. This is the first year, after some last-minute donations on the 4th of July, we exceeded the $11,000 mark in one year.

My "Streetwalker" crew consists of the following: Vickie Bermensolo, Mary Beth Brown, Sharon Fletcher, Terry Knox, June Lonigro, Nancy Mason, Elise Mathias, Mary Miracle, Carol Mooney, Mary Lou Pursell, Janette Rost and Theresa Wilson. These girls work extra hard on Wednesday evenings walking in your neighborhoods asking for donations for the fireworks from March through June to make each Fourth of July show a little better each year.

I would also like to thank Fire Chief Alan Bennensolo and all of the firemen for their tremendous dedication and pride in the City of Mountain Home. We as a community are lucky to have such a great group of men and women.

Say a prayer for all the firemen everywhere to be safe.

I hope you enjoyed the fireworks this year as much as your "Streetwalkers" did and we look forward to next year when we hit the streets to come knocking at your door.

-- Marianne Bate, Streetwalker "Boss"