Letter to the Editor

Bradbury objects to being called a racist in letter

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dear editor:

Just when I'd hoped to have written my last letter, the guy HAS to play that coveted "race card." It was inevitable because its what they've done best since day one. After three years on the blogs, I don't need the lunacy of another running debate either, Mr. Bilenski. Having supported Alan Keyes in 2000 and Herman Cain just last year, having a black man in the White House does NOT "hurt me to the quick." You had no right to say that. If not for that racist implication, I'd have gladly not even bothered to respond.

I'm sick of this racial garbage. When you elect a first lieutenant to run a fighter wing, it doesn't work, no matter what color he is. Barack Obama was elected because he would be the "first," the women thought he was cute, smooth, charismatic, he had everything going for him except valid accomplishments and executive experience. He was a very junior 143-day senator with a record of 129 "present" votes.

When he quickly got in over his head and started drawing fire, the media covered him and anyone who opposed an Obama policy was immediately branded a "racist" and a "bigot." Against the RINO McCain, he ran virtually unopposed. The timing was right but the candidate wasn't. Even the hardest of right-wingers don't see Obama as black, just another "Jimmy Carter liberal," which in itself might not be complimentary, but it's not "racist" either. So take your race card down the street and give it to Al Sharpton.

Tea Partiers aren't bigots. There are about 400 white guys in Washington they don't like either.

I don't tout my combat time in 'Nam as anything special, Mr. "B," it was a complete waste, and the only thing we built was a wall of 58,000 names, not ONE of which died for OUR country. I value my experience in the paddies though. May just come in handy before this is over. If we ever DO get our current troops out of the sand, the camel jockeys will resume slaughtering each other as they've done for centuries. On a lighter note, It's good to see today's troops not being spit at when they come home though, don't ya think?

Dow chemical only made the "Orange." They didn't drop it on us. LBJ's boys did. That's like suing a gunmaker for the acts of a criminal, or suing General Motors because of Ted Kennedy's driving. If we're gonna blame, let's get it right. Even today, your side is still blaming Bush, most recently for the "Patriot Act" which I agree was wrong. Did I read somewhere that Obama renewed it when it expired? Do I have that correctly?

And "Mr. gun-owner," you need to check Obama's Illinois senate record before you say he doesn't want our guns, and check it thoroughly. You and the entire left wing are very correct though. They are NOT going to take them.

"Election rigging, Mr Bilenski? You can't be serious, after ACORN, Holder's assault on photo I.D. and the planned amnesty of millions more illegals who will certainly vote Democrat out of gratitude for being allowed to cheat the system, you're concerned that the REPUBLICANS might try to "rig" something? Really?

Bringing up Nixon is poor salesmanship, sir. Nixon had to resign in disgrace for his cover-up. His Attorney General John Mitchell went to PRISON for obstruction. There were no lives lost at Watergate. By contrast, the Obama administration has been one cloak and dagger cover-up after the other and innocent Mexican citizens are still dying down there via "Fast & Furious while Holder the gun-runner walks free. I wouldn't bring up Nixon, in light of the ton of "free passes" Obama continues to get from today's liberal media. The guy walks on water, and we're all just against him because he's black. The economy, the debt, the mandates and the steady erosion of rights have nothing to do with it. It's all because he's black, and all who oppose his socialist policies are bigots, isn't that right?

This continued stupidity is an insult to every person in this country who has strived for decades now to eliminate the hatred of the Klan era that our grandparents and great-grandparents dealt with, and today's society no longer tolerates. It is chiefly the LEFT that continues to keep it alive by the constant stirring of the racial pot.

One last thought in what I HOPE is my last letter. Remember all that ridicule, and "it could never happen here" you lefties used to bestow upon us "doomsdayers," all of us "paranoid fanatics" who used to warn everyone that "Big Brother is Watching You?" Huh? Remember that? Sure ya do.

Not funny anymore, is it?

-- Mike Bradbury