Letter to the Editor

Disappointed that Obama won election

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dear editor:

Thank You for printing those letters from Mike Bradbury and the one by Peter Humm. They were both well written and I agree with them both. They were well thought out and correct.

I am glad you do not limit letters to 200 words as the Idaho Statesman does. They were both well over that but they were both right and very well done. Your editorial was also good, especially the last paragraph.

I am very disapointed that Obama won the election. I got a paper in the mail recently saying some voting machines in the big cities were rigged to change a vote for Romney to Obama.I took the article to the senior center that day but now I can not find it. I was given it back after several people read it but then I lost it. I called the Repulican National Committee but they said they did not write it. But I would not put it past Obama to do that as be has done many things to deserve impeachment.

He is not an honest man. I do not believe he is a Democrat. He is a socialist. I saw in the paper he bowed down to a foreign leader but I saw him on TV not covering his heart and saying the pledge of allegiance to our flag. He did do it when he was sworn in as president again but I do not believe he means it.

The Bible tells us in the New Testament when His disciples asked Him about the latter days, Jesus told them there will be much wickedness in the latter days, before His second coming to the whole world. After His death and resurrection He appeared to the people at the American continent but that was not His second coming (which) will be to all people the whole world. The Book of Mormon tells about His coming to the people on the American continent. He restored His church there and to Joseph Smith in New York, USA. It is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the USA in 1830.This began the latter days. Now we are in the latter part of the latter days. I believe the second coming of Jesus will be soon.

Jesus told His disciples in the New Testament there would be much wickedness in the latter days. I believe Obama is a big part of the wickedness. He is not a Democrat, he is a socialist at best. I pray for our country.

I am very disappointed that Mitt Romney is not our president. I voted for him but it showed on TV that Obama asked Romney to help him and Romney said he would. Romney cares about America, not just the next election. He is a true American.

I am not against Obama because he is black. Herman Cain is black too, but be would have been a good president, just as Romney would have been.

I pray for our country every day. I love our country very much. I am a disabled U.S. Navy veteran. I am now disability retired. I love the USA and pray for her every day.

-- Barbara J. Larson