Letter to the Editor

It's not about color but the competency of president

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dear editor:

The NRA opposed Obama because the group still can't get over the fact that the president is black." Now, that is such a stupid statement, I wouldn't give it mention except that it was made five days ago by the same congressman, Hank Johnson (D-GA), who was also previously concerned that Guam might tip over. It's a mystery how he ever got elected himself. Well, in today's America, maybe not so much of a mystery.

The Civil War has been over for 148 years now. Nobody's riding in the back of any bus and there's a black man in the White House, right here in an "arrogant, hateful nation" that has obviously never made an ounce of progress in all this time, eh? There is probably nobody in Mountain Home further to the right than I am, and I for one am sick of this steady race card garbage the left continues to try to get "mileage" out of. You know, over here in our "party of bigots," our own Herman Cain was leading the pack when he was sabotaged over the same thing the beloved Bill Clinton was doing.

Clinton of course, is a Democrat, so all is overlooked and forgiven where the media is concerned. Mr. Cain of course is a black REPUBLICAN, which automatically makes him a "3T" (turncoat, traitor and Tom).

I'm tired of hearing this constant drumbeat on national television and everywhere else. If anyone else "inherited" a $10 trillion debt and turned it into nearly 17 in just one term, they'd be calling for his head.

But we're just "picking on Obama because he's black."

I don't care what color or gender someone is, a "community organizer" who voted "present" 129 times, is not qualified to run this country and has gone on to prove it.

This "respect" thing keeps popping up. I worked for a lot of different commanders in my military career, and had to salute every one of them. I did not have to like nor respect them. Respect is something that is earned. No rule or regulation requires it, so when the commander-in-chief doesn't see fit to follow or protect our Constitution, I am under no obligation to follow him either.

He made enemies right off the bat. The apology tour, whereas America was an "arrogant nation." Really? What is more arrogant than just making up your own rules, ignoring the Constitution and the Congress as well to suit your own agenda? Barack Obama is the president. He is not the king. Arrogance? Look in the mirror, Mr. President.

He will be "flexible" with Putin while he turns his back on Netanyahu. He tries to punish states that enforce the immigration laws his feds will not. With 13 million+ illegals already here, he calls it "disenfranchising" to require voter ID at the polls. His "executive privilege" lets Eric Holder off the hook for running over 2,000 assault weapons to the Mexican drug cartels, but he has no problem at all coming after honest Americans. Respect? How much respect am I supposed to have for this community organizer?

Then comes "hostage." The GOP wants to curb the runaway spending and are called hostage-takers. When Obama said the other day that if he does NOT get what he wants on the debt ceiling, Social Security and veterans pensions will be slow coming. We don't hear the media chanting about the vets and the elderly being held hostage, now do we? More double standards from the "most transparent government in history."

But to the left wingers, this is completely race-driven it's all because the man is black. It is totally inconceivable that we could oppose their president for any other reason. This is very personal with me, seeing as how I supported Alan Keyes in 2000, Joe McNeal any time he has run for ANY office, and Herman Cain during our primaries.

Liberals know nothing about the right, and little about anything else. They think we all meet in secret conclaves packing grenade launchers, belt-fed machineguns and wearing white robes and hoods. This is 2013, Jack. Our country is about to go under and our grandkids still have to live here.

Nobody cares what our leaders look like, The only concerns, are their qualifications and experience. What can they DO? What can they DO? What can they DO? If the President of the United States needs to be any color at all it should be red, white and blue. And when was the last time we had one of THOSE?

The Dems have forever labeled the GOP as being prejudiced, yet it is THEIR party and THEIR media who keep the racial pot stirred up. Is it not just as bigoted to stand with someone because of color alone, as it is to oppose someone for the same reason?

Now, you "fair-minded" folks mull that one over awhile.

-- Mike Bradbury