Letter to the Editor

Guns may be needed against our tyrannical government

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dear editor:

In response to your call for gun control, it seems like most people that want to ban "assault riffles" you included don't realize that there ARE uses for hunting with them, varmint control is one way that they are useful, and there are also nationwide events for using AR15's for "target shooting skills...."

In your editorial you stated "Taking up arms against the government is treason. I don't advocate that at all and object to those who do." But in my opinion, and I am sure a few others, the violation of the 2nd Amendment could be considered tyranny.

One thing to think about is the order of the Bill of Rights. The first you are very familiar with, the right to free speech, The second is the right to bear arms. Look at how important it was to the founding fathers that it was number two, not three, not eight but TWO. But just remember you have the right to free speech because a couple hundred years ago some people opposed a government that not everyone agreed with and did something considered treason.

-- Jason Lekvold