Letter to the Editor

When we lose our values, we lose all our liberties

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dear editor:

The United States did not become the greatest nation on earth through a course of haphazard events. She became the greatest nation on earth because she did specific things and embodied specific values.

In the beginning, she slapped down the hand of abusive, suffocating power and raised the hand of individual liberty victorious. Over time, a unique culture emerged that made incarnate the underpinnings of the American spirit: Faith, self-reliance and individual responsibility.

The War for Independence, Manifest Destiny (albeit a controversial topic) and The Industrial Revolution are three epoch periods that forged "The American," an individual with an indomitable spirit, living largely free from government and free to dream, try, succeed, fail and try again.

Little homage is paid to our heritage today. Over the past 50 years our federal government has worked against tradition. It has subverted our national identity and instituted collectivist ideals. It is, in essence, an occupation government.

Words that ring familiar like liberty, freedom, equality and justice are now redefined outside of America's unique cultural and political origins. These terms are defined within a Marxist context. Equality now means equality of results (forced outcomes), and justice means the redistribution of wealth.

Our country and institutions have been transformed. The new majority is conditioned to look to government first. Welfare with anonymity has removed shame from dependence and replaced it with an entitlement mentality. Today, there are eleven states with more tax-taxers than tax-makers: CA, NM, AS, AL, IL, OH, KY, SC, ME, HI and NY. Helping fuel this "death spiral" is the prevalence of the victimization mentality. This is tied to a false narrative that assaults the character of the old majority as guilty for the disparity of outcomes in life.

The Diversity Movement was a mask to hide the face of Marxism. It was packaged in the innocuous melody of "Tolerance, Acceptance, and Diversity." It sounded unobjectionable. Overlapping, self-validating camps (schools, universities, Hollywood, the media and the courts) echoed the mantra as the cure for the societal ailments carried in the false narrative. Turning on our heritage, history and heroes became the new patriotism -- a governing contradiction.

The Diversity Movement created a cultural vacuum from coast to coast by vilifying U.S. history along with the old guard (WASP) cultural model. Opening the floodgates to legal and illegal immigration diluted American culture and accelerated its displacement. By design, people came more quickly than they could fully assimilate (many from cultures not well suited to assimilate and predisposed to colonize), dividing neighborhoods and states culturally, linguistically and politically.

This cultural vacuum created a vague self-concept among America's next generation. There was nothing to assimilate to. We filled the vacuum with narcissism. We devolved from a nation to merely an economy where consumers vilify the producers. The youth that stood to inherit the torch of liberty were primed to exchange it for fashionable Marxist ideals.

While the many tentacles of the Diversity Movement worked to indoctrinate our children it also sowed the seeds of civil unrest among balkanized camps. The federal government exploits these differences, bringing about jealously as they compete for preferred victim status, wrestling out of position for hind tit. The intelligencia class is building a powder keg of humanity. Ultimately, it will explode and the iron fist of government will be seen as the savior, restoring order under a crisis interpretation of law. This is how the Left always seizes power, a dance followed by a smack down.

Made ignorant by public education and entertainment, too few American citizens have a frame of reference for the degree of individual liberty that has been stolen incrementally to construct President Johnson's (cradle-to-grave) "Great Society."

Too many of us have become sloppy, spoiled, and shallow thinking. We dropped the leash on our government.

The new majority loves the United States for the wrong reasons. There is no fire in their bosom for true liberty. They love comfort and the virtual prison cell of security over freedom. They love what the collective gives them: freedom from self-reliance and freedom from individual responsibility. Many of them love free housing, free medical care, free food, free bus passes, free cell phones, free education and free money. They have more discretionary money in their pocket on any given day than the couple in line behind them at Albertson's paying the bill Life is great. The recent bump in our social security tax makes them more secure. It is a painless, shameless life for them, provided they have never known success and are not a tragic victim of the fundamental transformation we are all enjoying. That same couple uses coupons to stretch what little money the government left them after transferring it to the EBT card of the self-absorbed welfare abuser who tweets in line on his I-Phone about his new tattoo.

Yes, there are warts on American history. Nonetheless, if you could pick a country to lose to it is best to be beat up by America. Ask Japan. Ask Germany. By the way, what do you drive? Our former enemies usually do pretty well. Yes, the Trail of Tears happened. Yes, American citizens of German, Italian and Japanese descent were interned in the U.S. during WWII. And yes, there was slavery.

The Left call it America's greatest sin, curiously ignoring the disproportionate death toll of black babies brought by abortion. Slavery is not unique to blacks from a world historical perspective.

Today, blacks in America born after 1965 know nothing about true racism. Eight-five percent of all violent interracial crime from year to year is black on white (DOJ Uniform Crime Report yearly average over a ten-year period 2000-2010).

In fact, blacks in America enjoy many advantages not offered to the general population.

As an American descendant of a Union officer I am proud to say that many self-made blacks live beyond compare to their fellow, non-black Americans, say nothing of life compared to blacks in Sub-Saharan Africa today.

I see the warts on our history, but I reject the reigning false narrative about the character of America and the accompanying revisionist spin on history.

We were great in spite of our warts.

The abolitionist movement began with white Christians in England and the American colonies.

It was a topic of debate from our inception.

After a Civil War costing 620,000 white lives, followed by billions of taxpayer dollars in reparations (welfare) and a painful Civil Rights movement (now hijacked by radical Marxists and feminists), today minorities and women have more social mobility in this country than any other in the history of the world; you'd think the Obamas would agree, based on their mailing address.

America was never perfect nor could it ever have been, for it is of man.

This new AmeriKa will not deliver anything better because it is of something worse, Godless man.

It is no wonder the ranks of the Tea Party/ 912 crowd are made mostly of senior citizens.

This is the generation with the longest memory, the deepest faith, and the smallest dose of indoctrination in their bloodstream.

Set your grandchildren on their knee and fall to yours.

-- Doug Traubel