Letter to the Editor

Religion, politicians destroying world

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dear editor:

To the white house turncoats, and other traitors -- With the breakdown of civilization, the gods of hate and discontent, violence, rape, murder, sodomy, incest, porno, child or adult, decadence, moral depravity, chaos, lunacy, deception and corruption are gaining notoriety, thanks to the traitorous biased media, and now the White House has sanctioned sodomy, for more votes no doubt.

Where are the churches on this? Have they even read the Bible? Some actually marry these perverts. Pemember Sodom and Gomorrah? History repeats itself, mainly when you flunk it. Read Leviticus sometime.

Not all America condones this decadence. If God does not exist and religions (cults) are a bogus sham to deprive people of freedom and liberty, who decides right and wrong? The flowers of freedom and liberty only grow when watered with the blood of tyrants, dictators and their followers.

Man was born free but worldwide he is in shackles. Religion and politics are two tyrannies that hold mankind in bondage, thus these parasitical elitists must be eradicated!

-- James A. Loris, Bruneau