Letter to the Editor

Let's wait before we disarm U.S.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dear editor:

A terrible tragedy in Conneticut and I feel guilty.

Watch MSNBC and you will be pretty sure only the gun was involved.

I live in Idaho and I feel guilty.

We must guard against this kind of terrible mistake. We have systematically removed God from our society and our schools and who do we turn to in this tragic hour? God of course. Why not just keep him around?

We listen to the left-wing radicals who have tried their best to remove God and they are strangely quiet right not. Don't worry, they will poke their ugly heads up again as soon as this is over. Actually, they are already on MSNBC and CNN. MSNBC seems not to care a wit about the people killed. They concentrate their entire show on the gun ban issues. They have all the anti-gun people already spreading their hate, which will serve to do nothing but separate America even further.

Do not give up the fight.

Let's wait and hear all the evidence before we start to disarm America. Their is evil in the world. Why not turn to God right now and maybe we can prevent the next one.

-- Larry Heinen