Letter to the Editor

'Left' is taking over nation

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dear editor:

The Republican and Democrat parties -- at the national level -- are two wings of the same bird of prey. It is no different than a Shell station and a Chevron on opposing corners of the same intersection, each under a different logo advertising the same price per gallon. Shell, owned by the Dutch, and Chevron, active in 180 countries; neither is loyal to America, but both share the same objective. To that end they are in collusion while appearing to be in competition.

The two-party system touted by the media and long celebrated in our history books has always been only one party away from dictatorship. We are there. It happened incrementally over 50 years. You may not see it because it is camouflaged by faux opposition. The Republican Party now exists only as the controlled opposition (incidentally, the same can be said of FOX NEWS). The GOP logo gives the illusion of an alternative point of view. McCain? Romney? Really? Were those the best the GOP could do? That is a rhetorical question. The outcome was predictable in 2008 and again in 2012.

I've said it before. "For over two generations (50 years), the American people have been fed propaganda that would be the envy of Hitler's Germany and Stalin's Soviet Union." Consequently, at least half of us have become mindless and docile. Substituting reason with the irrational has invalidated consciousness.

The Left tell us tolerance is the highest virtue. In practice their self-righteousness does not extend to include tolerance for diversity of thought. Is this not a contradiction that invalidates the stated virtue?

Consider how contradictions hold up in the natural world. Molecules of H2O can be a liquid, solid or gas, but not more than one of these forms simultaneously in the same place. Each has its own name because each has distinct characteristics. If something called by a name does not reflect the unique characteristics expected of it there is a deception, a contradiction, a lie.

Calling steam "water" does not allow me to pour it into a bucket. Water is water. Steam is steam. Ice is ice. Words mean things. Just as two objects in the material world cannot occupy the same space at the same time, we cannot permit contractions to occupy the same space in our mind.

For instance, when we permit the noun -- marriage -- to equally define two contradicting models and occupy the same space in our mind, we are operating on the irrational -- a lie.

The Left enforces belief in an irrational State narrative. I've heard it expressed succinctly this way: Through PC we have convinced ourselves that it is possible to pick up a turd from the clean end. We have abandoned reason. We have embraced contradiction as a daily operating philosophy. The majority now believe that one is entitled to equal results from unequal effort or unequal ability. It is irrational to ignore the distinctions between wanting and working, envy and earning. Being lazy or even stupid does not make you the victim of your industrious neighbor.

We have suspended moral and material absolutes. In 50 years we have reversed 5,000 years of societal norms. We have surrendered our minds to the irrational philosophy of contradictions presented as a virtue called social justice: forced equal outcomes.

The country has been "fundamentally transformed." We are left with the template of what was, and one more thing: the ultimate advantage. Unlike the democrats, republicans have never put God up for a vote at their national convention. No doubt this is posturing by the faux opposition. But at the local level republicans can give it meaning. In local offices, and in the smallest form of government -- the family -- we must keep Him at the center and pray against the bird of prey that one day our nation will be restored.

So long as local Republicans embrace the platform, rout the RINOs, model genuine American character, and counter the indoctrination of their children -- we can save our ideals, and as important, the ability to reason.

We've lost our country to the Left, but if you haven't surrendered your mind to them there is hope in you to help build momentum toward tradition. Fight like it depends on you and pray like it depends on Him.

You have an important role to play. It could be as simple as talking to your children often about the America that was, and being authentic in representing the old guard values. Holding on to truth, courage and clarity will one day crack the foggy glass dome we live under and bring in fresh air and sunlight.

Ronald Reagan said, "If we lose freedom here, there's no place to escape to. This is the last stand on earth."

-- Doug Traubel