Letter to the Editor

Use full name of LDS church

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dear editor:

I read your editorial in the Nov. 28 paper. I agree with you that it's the season of Christ. I am happy you said only the Mormons and Assembly of God can claim that over half of their declared members attend church each week, according to research polls.

It is true about the Mormons but I wish you would have said our real name instead of our nickname. We are the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, known as Mormon because of the wonderful Book of Morman, which is a second witness of Jesus Christ. When anyone asks me my religion I say the whole thing, because some people do not think we are Christians as they only hear Morman. Mormon was a great prophet who was the last to write in the Book of Morman Joseph Smith translated from the Gold Plates that Mormon buried before all their God-believing people were destroyed by the unbelievers. God protected them from the unbelievers who would have destroyed then for their gold content. God protected them from evil until He found a rightous young man who was seeking the true church. Joseph was first prophet of the only true and living church on the earth today.Christ himself restored His church as He did in the Bible and Book of Mormon with 12 apostles. We are the only church that is set up the way Jesus had in the past. Jesus is very important to us. We worship Him and Heavenly Father.

I am grateful I found the true Church of Jesus Christ in 1959 by some wonderful missionaries when I lived in California. We have missionaries all over the world and temples to God all over the world.

I hope your readers were able to go to the open house of the Boise temple. I went to it and felt the Lord there. We open new temples to the public so they can learn about us before they are dedicated to the Lord, after which only members in good standing can go inside.

-- Barbara Larson