Letter to the Editor

No true citizen voted for Obama

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dear editor:

Not withstanding the Left's childish objection (tied to a geography 101 course) of our exclusive use of the term, "American" to define ourselves, I assert: While all "Americans" are "American Citizens" not all "American Citizens" are "Americans." The terms are no longer synonymous.

Yes, "American Citizens" did indeed vote for Obama, but no "American" would knowingly vote for a Marxist ideologue; it would be a vote against our defining principles fought for by the Founders.

"America" is no longer a nation. It is merely an economy. The economy is divided by two camps: one comfortably feeding off of the confiscated wealth of the other, oblivious to the pain of the host caused by the sharp, gnashing teeth of the entitlement parasite. Like a million fleas relentlessly feeding on a host of elephants, infection will come followed by death of the herd. None will be left to do the heavy lifting.

If by now you have not seen through the smoke and mirrors and figured out who Obama is and what he is doing, his next term will leave you no doubt.... and no America.

-- Doug Traubel