Letter to the Editor

No, Hofer isn't a developer

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Dear editor:

I would like to respond to Mr. Tracy's letter.

As I said before in my previous letter to the editor, Commissioner Hofer knows how the development of real estate works. He gets this expertise from his current employment as a construction Project Supervisor. His knowledge helps him with his duties as a County Commissioner, since growth is one of the concerns of the citizens of Elmore County.

However as I said before he is not a developer by trade. Commissioner Hofer owns property in Elmore County along with many other residents that live here. He did record a plat for Gunfighter sub. (No Memory loss here). The plat was done to increase the value of a piece of ground that was being sold by Commissioner Hofer and his brother. This property was then sold to a developer, who then developed Gunfighter Sub.

So once again Commissioner is not a developer, he sold a piece of ground that belonged to his family.

I would like to thank Mr. Tracy for his concern.

-- Mrs. J. Hofer

(Editor's note: OK, enough of this. Let's let this one go and move on to more important issues).