shame on elmore medical center

Saturday, November 17, 2012

last evening nov 16th my wife took a bad fall at the mountain home senior center at about six thirty in the evening .i took her to the center emergency dept. she was in severe pain. we were told that it would be an hour or more befor she could be concern was that she might have broken ribs. i told them she could not wait that long as this was an emergency.that seemed to make no difference to them. i than proceeded to st lukes in boise,where she was seen right away,and we were told that indeed she had two broken ribs. iam really mad as she could have had a punctured lung thank god she did,nt but nobody even took that into consideration.i think it is real shame that we do not have the medical expertise or professionalism that we should have..we have had three occasions where we have tried to rely on care from elmore medical, and all three were unacceptable. and they want a new hosp. my thoughts are you need medical people who care about people first .i was a emt in us air force so i know some of what i speak. maybe we do need a new hosp, but we need the right people to staff tha hosp.