Letter to the Editor

Vote yes on HJR 2aa

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dear editor:

A USGS study discussing the effects of habitat and predator compositions on waterfowl nesting sites says "Intensive predator management is a warranted and important alternative when habitat management alone is inadequate."

The study describes waterfowl as an "economic, recreational, and aesthetic resource" appreciated by 22 million (2006) hunters and non-consumptive users. Dwindling habitat and highly-adaptable predator populations are cited as the main threats to this resource.

"Intensive predator management" can be aerial gunning, agency trapping, even poisoning is listed by the study as "effective over large areas of the landscape, but effects on non-target species are of great concern." These are all taxpayer-funded options.

But predator control can also be provided by regulated private trapping, a pursuit that is economically positive, at no cost to the taxpayer.

My husband traps every year and he spends a lot of money doing it. His trapping enhances the economy and puts a natural resource to use, to the benefit of countless other wildlife species. We don't want to see aerial gunners and poison managing predators in Idaho.

Please vote yes on HJR 2aa, even if you don't understand private trapping, or haven't thought much about the alternatives.

-- Tina Carney