Letter to the Editor

Power issues are reason teachers oppose props

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dear editor:

Voting YES on propositions 1, 2, and 3 is a stand for accountability, excellence and teaching innovation.

Teacher unions put teachers first, not the students. Collective bargaining without concern for performance is the objective of the union. Numbers translate to power for the self-serving collective. Growth is the focus. Power is the objective. These unions shelter the tenured incompetent member while intimidating new teachers to join.

Nationally, there is growing hostility toward public-sector unions. Case and point is the success of Scott Walker. Wisconsin's victory over teacher unions was a blow to the collective and a win for taxpayers, students and liberty.

Looking at the contrast in performance between public schools and many private schools and homeschoolers, it is clear we need to provide a bold and energized new environment for an honorable profession; one that is free from interstate union highjackers and places our future, our kids and our best teachers first. Competition makes everyone better. Only the incompetent need fear this change. Vote Yes, Yes, Yes!

-- Doug Traubel