Letter to the Editor

Hofer isn't developer, but he takes care on all issues before him

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dear editor:

I am writing in response to the editorial in this week's paper: "Kiss of Death." I am okay with the editorial board deciding not to support Al Hofer for County Commissioner, but I am not okay with them putting out false information. If they are, in fact, basing this decision on his voting record then they should take into consideration his entire record and not put out false information. I am not aware of anyone from, "The Board" contacting Mr. Hofer and asking or verifying their information before their decision was made.

Mr. Al Hofer is not now a developer nor has he ever been. For the board to insinuate that this is the reason for the way he voted on the Mayfield development is totally false and misleading. Commissioner Hofer is very mindful of how he votes and takes our whole community into consideration and wants to make the best decisions for the whole community, not just a few. It is not very good reporting on the paper's part to insinuate that he might have a personal gain.

For those of you that know Commissioner Hofer, you already know he is not a developer. For those of you that do not know Commissioner Hofer please know that he is not a developer. He works as a superintendent for a construction company. He manages many multi-million dollar projects, which provide him with a lot of expertise in the area of development.

Commissioner Al Hofer was born and raised right here in Mountain Home. He wants only the best for our community and that will benefit all of us, not just some of us.

-- Mrs. Julie Hofer