Day 3 and 4: Jury empaneled in Lopez-Orozco murder trial

Friday, October 19, 2012
Jorge Lopez-Orozco is charged in a 2002 triple-murder case.

Twelve jurors along with three alternatives have been impaneled for the murder trial of Jorge Alberto Lopez-Orozco. Opening arguements are set to begin Monday, Oct. 22, at 9 a.m.

The panel of six women and six men was selected after two days of questioning the jury pool by Elmore County Prosecutor Kristina Schindele, prosecuting attorney Lee Fisher, and defense attorney Terry Ratliff.

Judge Timothy L. Hansen instructed the jurors they were not to discuss the case with anyone -- not with spouses or family members, not with friends, neighbors or co-workers, and not even with each other until the case is turned over to them for deliberations.

He urged them to keep an open mind as they listened to the testimony. He cautioned them not to investigate or research on their own. He told the panel they were to base their deliberations only on the evidence received in court.

The trial is expected to last six weeks, meeting four days per week, Monday through Thursday. Because it is not a death penalty case the jury will not be sequestered.

Jorge Lopez-Orozco has been charged with the murders of Rebecca Ramirez, Ricardo Ramirez, and Miguel Ramirez. He has entered a plea of "not guilty"for each of the three charges.

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