Letter to the Editor

Elmore driver risked her life

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dear editor:

I'd like to address this letter to the "lovely" man, who was driving State Hwy 44, at about 4:30 p.m., Monday, Oct. 8, in a big pickup with a long travel trailer.

His licence plate on his travel trailer has an E, so I am addressing this to your Mountain Home paper, in hopes that he will see it.

Of course I realize there were many traveling with pickups and travel trailers, so perhaps I should refresh this "gentlemen's" memory a bit, in hopes he'll know exactly who I am talking to.

Dear Sir in Pickup and Trailer -- I am the woman in the white SUV (GMC Envoy), who you literally, on purpose, ran into the center lane, on the afternoon of Monday, Oct. 8, around 4:30 in the afternoon.

Traffic was heavy, and you had turned off of the highway that goes up 55, onto Highway 44. You came up next to me, in a heavy line of traffic, and decided that you wanted over in my lane.

There wasn't much space between me and the car ahead of me, but nevertheless, you decided you wanted over NOW, and though you KNEW I was there, you proceeded to pull into my lane, clearly forcing me into that center lane.

I honked, to no avail. I know you saw me, and yet you still bullied your big ol' truck and trailer right on over.

Did you not once, ever consider the consequences that could have ensued?

What if there had been an oncoming car in that middle lane?

What if there'd been too many cars behind me for me to pull back into traffic?

Fortunately there wasn't, and all was fine, though I am sure you could hear me blasting my horn at you all the way to Eagle Road.

But let's just take a look here at who you might have killed that day.

I am the married, mother of two children in their 20s, one of whom was with me and has a disability.

She was in that passenger seat you would have side wiped if I had not been able to get out of your way.

We had just spent three weeks in the hospital with her, from a bout of pneumonia. For at least two days, we didn't know if she was going to be ok, and for the next 3 weeks, we spent concentrating on getting her better.

We also had just come back the week before, from a trip to North Idaho, to see our son (25), get married.

I've got a husband of 27 years, and we've lived in Boise/Eagle area for about 18 years.

I've got a beautiful new daughter-in-law, who I am hoping to spend a lot of wonderful years getting to know better. I've got parents, a brother and sister-in-law, with six nieces and nephews, two who are married, and I'd love to have them still know me as I grow old.

I want to be a grandma to my son's children that will come along, and I want to be here to make sure that my daughter will get the care she needs throughout her life.

YOU, SIR, almost took that all away, that Monday afternoon, by your desire to pull into that left hand lane right then and there, without a care of any other human being.

I tried to get your licence number to report you, but lucky for you, your bicycle tire was obstructing my view.

I hope to God you read this, or that someone who knows that you were traveling home that day, will read this and pass it onto you.

And most of all, I hope that this serves as a reminder to you, that in the future, when you are in a big hurry, you are NOT the only human life that deserves to live.

Thank you so much for NOT caring.

Maybe next time, you will?

-- Kristy Hall, Eagle