Letter to the Editor

Religions, Islam and politicians messing up the world

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dear editor:

Religions are institutions of men. Same as cults. Religion being a synonym for cult. Men or one man who want control over their victims. One man's tyranny. I see Islam as a cult of death, bondage, hatred, cruelty, disparity, hopelessness, slavery, etc. He who hides his face has done something objectionable or is about to.

I'm tired of the treasonous biased news media, catering to these retrogrades of civilization in their programed videos burning our flag. What have religions (cults) done on earth except cause havoc and chaos? Throughout history it seems they have amassed fortunes at the misery and ignorance of victims.

Politicians have sold us out to corporate globalism and their one-world tyranny. Have we progressed or are we regressing?

It seems everything was working just fine until religion and politics got in the way. If anything needs to be wiped from the face of the earth, it's Islam and other destructive brainwashing tendencies.

-- James A. Loris, Bruneau