Letter to the Editor

Vote for Nicole LeFavour

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dear editor:

People all across the nation are expressing dissatisfaction with a Congress that seems to be more interested in partisan politics than doing what is needed for the country.

We in Idaho's Second Congressional District have the opportunity to send a new and refreshing voice to the Capitol -- Nicole LeFavour.

LeFavour served eight years in the Idaho Legislature, two terms in the House of Representatives and two terms in the Senate. She drew praise from many sectors for three things:

First, her willingness to listen to people who contacted her with their concerns. Unlike many other Idaho legislators, she represented all of us, whether we lived in her Boise district or elsewhere.

Second, her ability to work "across the aisle." She respects people with different ideas and perspectives and was able to work successfully with them, fighting to support education, and to protect Idaho's clean air, water, farmlands, and wild places.

Finally, but not least, she is well known for plain old hard work. LeFavour gave legislation and committee work the time and attention needed so her votes were made carefully, based on facts, clearly articulated, and reflective of the needs of ordinary people.

For her Legislative service, Boiseans recently voted her "Best Local Politician of 2012."

In running for Congress, LeFavour reminds us that our nation's real job creators are not millionaires but small businesses and regular working people.

She is dedicated to helping small businesses get the resources they need to create jobs in local communities. She would vote for fairness in tax policies and against any efforts to increase taxes for working families and seniors.

She would continue to be an outspoken advocate for a strong education system, including making a college education accessible and affordable for all who want it.

Based on her experience on Idaho's Joint Finance and Appropriations Committee, she will bring a much-needed commonsense approach to Congressional budgeting.

Before going to the polls on Nov. 6, please visit LeFavour's website, "Nicole LeFavour for U.S. Congress -- Idaho. " I think you will find someone whose voice reflects Idaho values and who is willing to work very hard for our interests.

-- Leslie Goddard