Letter to the Editor

Sheriff, EMS teams should be praised, not criticized

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dear editor:

New blood. Why! This is in response to the article by Rebecca Deppen. I have waited to write this, as I wanted to keep reading your article to see if I missed something,

1. You stated that the sheriff's department is rife with corruption. And that they bully and harass a few choice people. Are you one of those people? Figure out what you are doing to deserve a complaint or a petition. You have to follow the rules and regulations of your area. If you do not than you deserve a complaint or a petition.

Our sheriff's department is run by one of the most dedicated people in our town. Have you talked to Rick Layer about your complaints? If you have, I know that he has investigated each one of your complaints.

Sheriff Layher would not stand for a corrupt deputy on his force. He would get rid of that person in a heartbeat.

You didn't mention our Mountain Home Police Department. They too, are dedicated. They do their jobs and are willing to help everyone. If you are rude with them, they have to take control of the situation, as the sheriff's department does.

2. Then you talked about the Emergency Medical System. I personally have dealt with different teams on a few occasions. I was absolutely in awe of the way they worked together. I had two teams at the same time at my house. I stood back and watched each one of them do their job. They did not get in each other's way, but they knew exactly what their task was.

It showed me that each one of them was highly trained. I have a feeling that because you are a nurse you tried to put yourself in the middle of the situation. If that is true, "they don't need your help." What they need is for you to stand back and let them do what they were trained for. It sounds like you want to be in the center of every situation!

3. I am sorry that the politics in our community doesn't suit you. I have had problems that I had to take to the mayor. Not only was he more than willing to listen to my problem, but he put me in touch with the proper official to explain in detail why certain things were done.

I gather that you have not lived in our community very long and you really don't like living here.

If that is the case, you can always move to a place that suits you better.

I absolutely hated Mountain Home when I first moved here. I wanted to go home. Now I would not trade my life here for any other place.

We don't need new blood, what we need is for the citizens to let our sheriff's department, our police department, our emergency medical teams and our elected officials do their jobs. They know what they are doing.

-- M. Arbogast