Letter to the Editor

Another reader doesn't like the new KMHI radio format

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dear editor:

I want to thank Skyler Podesek for the letter he wrote regarding the changes made to our local radio station. I'm not as articulate as Skyler, but I would like to add my own two cents.

He was correct about the loss of the music we loved to listen to. It's been replaced by something that's hard to define as music. Its more like air pollution, not just bad, it's annoying.

I've tried to listen to my favorite station, again and again since the change. Its not worth the effort. Lyrics sound like something sung in a foreign language, musical accompaniment plays loud enough to cover the lack of quality in the singers' voices.

I've asked many of my friends what they thought about the change -- so far not one person likes it.

I miss the Classic Country and the real artists who made country music a pleasure to listen to.

Could we please go back to the original format?

-- Ellie Fox