Letter to the Editor

Romney would be good president

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dear editor:

I enjoy your editorials very much. Especially the Aug. 8 one on NASA. I am retired U.S. Navy and I appreciate the military. I am glad you do, too.

Also, I enjoy your editor's notebook. I usually read it as soon as I get the paper but this week I did not get to it until yesterday. It was entitled: "It's the season for mud."

That is sure true. You are even handed and are fair to both Democrats and Republicans. I agree with you Harry Reid is very liberal and is an idiot. I am glad you stood up for Mitt Romney on Reid's lies about Romney. Romney is a good man. He made his money honestly as a good businessman. It takes money to run for president nowadays. It is not a crime to have money if you earn it honestly as I know Romney did. He is a good honest man. He is also the person I want to be our next president.

In that same issue of the paper you paid tribute to our local COP unit. I am so glad you paid tribute to them. They deserve it. I did not know much about them until I read your story about them.

It makes me feel safe in my home. My daughter and grandson live in California where I lived until I moved here in 1989 with my dear mom. We did not have that organization there that I know of. My daughter was robbed three times just recently. I was never robbed when I lived there, thank the Lord. I will send the COPs article to my daughter. Maybe they can get a program there. I Hope so.

I liked your editorial this week, too, dated Aug. 15. I was sorry to hear our young people are not getting a proper education in the public schools. I hope at least they are not taught Islam in school as the enclosed mail I got said they were doing in other American schools. That would be in violation of our freedom of religion.

I was puzzled by your Editor's Notebook in the Aug. 15 paper: "Democrats love Ryan choice." I thought you were a Democrat. I am a Republican. You sound like you do not like Ryan. He may not be perfect no body is but I would much rather have him be president if Romney died than keep Obama in. You should tell people how bad Obama is.

Before Obama we had zero trillion dollar deficits 220 years before Barack Obama took office. During Obama we have trillion-dollar deficits in the four years Obama has been in office.

If that is not bad enough. He went against our country by putting our border control out and letting in a whole lot of illegal non-citizens which he made citizens to vote for him.

He only cares about the next election, not about the next generation of us. Obama is not in favor of us, only himself. He is a socialist, not a true Democrat.

It says in the Bible there will be much wickiness in the Latter Days. Obama is wicked. I believe the second coming of Jesus Christ will be soon when He will cast out to hell the wicked and take the rightous to himself. I work at being one of the rightous. I hope I succeed.

-- Barbara J. Larson