Letter to the Editor

Diversity efforts created Marxist socialism in U.S.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dear editor:

They won. The Left diluted American culture through their relentless drum beat of the "virtue" of diversity (cultural anarchy) so much so that we could no longer defend tradition without being branded intolerant racists.

It took only five decades (two generations) for the Left to brainwash us and deliver a new majority; one with no frame of reference for what has been lost and no objection to replacing America with AmeriKa -- a Marxist tyranny run by Godless bureaucratic elites.

The Diversity Movement was the Marxist strategy that brought about the cultural revolution. Using propaganda that would be the envy of Hitler's Germany or Lenin's Soviet Union the Left promoted the Big Lie about the character of America.

Accepting the Big Lie and embracing social justice as the remedy caused many of us to see ourselves as enlightened. Self-righteousness was liberating. "Diversity" freed us from the burden of moral absolutes. We turned on tradition leaving unguarded the anchor points of our nation to the chisels of the Left.

The Big Lie was amplified through public schools, universities, the popular media, the courts and Hollywood. These overlapping sources of propaganda are self-validating. They echoed the false narrative and controlled the language and debate thereby washing our brains to accept the casting of American tradition as the villain and organized collectivist camps its victims.

Political correctness was the hammer and our ignorance was the anvil. Our minds became so weak and sick that we believed this suicidal behavior reflected moral superiority.

The culture that built America walked to the back of the bus. Those lucid enough to resist are now being shoved there.

The forces in motion cannot be stopped. The old majority is too crippled by propaganda, and an appetite for entertainment, material worship and comfort to stand up. Our institutions are too corrupt and infected by the regulatory forces of PC to muster an offense.

A vote for Romney will buy us some time, but America is over unless some force greater than the propaganda rises to clear our minds and create a groundswell of nationalism. Nothing like that is on the horizon.

-- Doug Traubel