King's Building

Sunday, August 5, 2012

I am so glad to see that the old Kings Building downtown is finally going to be occupied, after so many years of sitting empty. I was the manger of the Kings store when it first opened. I was the manager for 4 years. My wife and I loved Mtn Home. Our oldest daughter was born there. WE bought a new home there. The store and the customers were very good to us. In time the big box stores swallowed up Kings business and the store was closed. It deeply saddened me to see this. I guess they call this progress. But to many downtowns in cities have empty buildings because of this progress. I worked for Kings for 20 years and enjoyed it. The big box stores have been very hard on Kings and it changed things to the point where it no longer fun. The Kings building has much history behind it. It was a furniture store before King's occupied it. King's tried for many years to find a suitable building, before they took over the building. The store was well stocked and beautiful. I will always hold the store and people who patronized it close to my heart. I wish the next tenants, Bealls much success. I am anxious to visit the store when it opens.